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Notify 811 before you dig or move earth in any way—even for small jobs. This free service will arrange to have underground utility lines marked so you can dig a safe distance away from them.

Dial 811 or use the online ticket-entry system at Then wait the required time for facility owners to mark their lines. In Pennsylvania, wait at least two full business days, excluding the date you notify 811, weekends, and holidays.

Pre-mark your proposed excavation area with white paint, flags, and/or stakes before you contact 811.

Respect the locate marks, hand expose to verify location, and dig with care.

If you don’t notify 811, you risk hitting an underground power line. You or your coworkers could be hurt or killed. You may be held liable for damages and repair costs.



Call 811 well ahead of digging, so underground utilities can be marked and you can work safely.