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Four Steps for Safe Demolition
811 | Know what's below. Call before you dig.
For emergencies,
call 911 and
Duquesne Light at
888-393-7000 or

Contact Duquesne Light
at 412-393-7100 for
power line assistance
or questions.
Before starting any demolition, deconstruction or significant renovation projects, take these four steps to ensure your job proceeds as safely as possible:
1. Call Duquesne Light at 412-393-7100
Do not begin the job until Duquesne Light has made the appropriate safety arrangements for electric meters and service on your job site. Please observe required notification and completion time frames.
Building demolition
2. Notify 811 Before You Dig
If the job involves digging or moving earth in any way—such as removing footings, foundations or tree stumps—be sure to notify 811 at least three full business days before you begin. This free service will arrange for underground power lines and other utilities to be located and marked, so you can dig a safe distance away from them.
3. Conduct a Visual Site Survey
Before work begins, conduct a visual inspection of the structure and the surrounding property:
Confirm all utility disconnects. If electric utility disconnects are required, double check to make sure the electric meter and the electric service drop wire have been removed from the structure.
Look for power lines, poles, guy wires and pad-mounted equipment remaining on or near the job site. Assume all power lines are energized, and mark a safety boundary to keep people, tools and vehicles at least 10 feet away from them.
4. Review Your Emergency Plan Before Work Begins
Make sure everyone at the job site knows what to do in case of an unforeseen electrical contact. This is especially important for partial demolition jobs, where electric service may continue to be supplied to a portion of the property.
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Additional overhead and digging guidelines, case studies, instructional video and training tools can be found, at no charge to you, on Duquesne Light’s e-SMARTworkers website.
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